Friday, September 7, 2012

After so many khaki school uniforms, it was fun to get creative and make my littles a couple of new book bags.  Jack is completely into robots, and loves playing with Alphie.  (Can you believe that Alphie is still around?!  .................Affirmative)!  We seem to be reading "Boy and Bot" by Amy Dyckman every day lately!

So, here's my first attempt at a robot "with pinchers, and a red heart," Jack duly noted.

I used a cool US Map fabric from an amazing fabric warehouse in Maple Grove, Minnesota for the lining.  And used my favorite reversible tote tutorial from Skip to My Lou. 

For Elaine's bag I used a Japanese import (Kokka I think) most likely from Superbuzzy. 

It was a panel print, and on the back of the bag is a playground scene to go with the schoolhouse.  Hopefully she won't mind the brown (read "not pink or purple") and turquoise polkadot fine-whale corduroy used for the lining.  It matched perfectly with the hints of brown and turquoise in the main print. 

Maybe a huge beach bag next?!  We'll see!!!