Monday, February 10, 2014

Teacher Totes

Made some patchwork reversible tote bags for each of Jack and Lainey's teachers, plus a couple of other important people in their lives.  8 tote bags doesn't sound like THAT many, right?  It was 32 rectangles and 16 straps, and it took a little longer than I expected!!! 

But I love how they came out... and it was fun for the kids to give them away to the teachers.  They wrote a little note to go along with each one.

And why not hanging from the tree?!!  Here are a few closeups!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A little gift for a brand new baby niece we can't wait to meet!!!  Lainey and I were so sad we couldn't make it to the official baby shower, but hopefully we'll make the trip to see them all soon!

Some of the first sewing projects I ever made were appliqued changing table covers, with little scenes on them, like a bear holding balloons, an island with palm trees, etc...  and I wanted to get back to sewing "pictures" again. 

So, a house quilt, for baby Kayla...

Hopefully she'll have fun finding the animals and playing with the ribbon loop!  The backing is soft minky polkadots, in a purple/lavendar print. 

Then I made her a little dress and some monkey pants.  Because evey baby girl needs some monkey pants, right?!  And they should be reversible too... just in case!

This is a "Little Geranium" dress - designed by "Made by Rae."  I saw so many cute versions I had to try one.  It is cute, especially the little patch pockets.

Love these pants with the heart on the bum! 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A gift for a friend

I made this gift for a dear friend a while back - she loves scarfs, and always wants them to be big and long and wrap around a couple of times.  I wanted to make some unique ones that were oversized and cozy... 

First I just used a navy flannel with a periwinkle satin backing and turquoise pom pom trim, to make a fun one... 

And then I tried to make some log cabin blocks using some floral prints in blues, greens and pinks.  Turns out I love simple log cabins where the prints on all 4 sides are the same, to make "frames."  The innermost square in each case is from the lovely Anna Marie Horner Little Folks voile panels, and I can't remember the name of the florals, and my selvedges are long gone. 

The back on this one is navy flannel too.  So the funny thing is, my friend thought that they were table runners!!!  And I guess she was right - they look great on her table!!!   

Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween 2012 Part ONE

Every year, I look around on the internet at the clever and adorable costumes that people make for their kids, and imaging making something amazing for mine... but then all of a sudden, Halloween is upon us and I panic, and buy something, so as to avoid completely blowing it for the littles!  Well not this year, I decided in August.  (Which is also the time I start telling myself we'll have homemade apple pie for Thanksgiving and hand made gifts for the holidays, etc....)

As might be expected, Jack wants to be a robot.  (He also wants a robot birthday party, and a robot to open for his present on his birthday, which he patiently explains on a regular basis).  So, that will be accomplished with a cardboard box and some spraypaint!!!!  Lainey however, wants to be a mermaid princess. 

Me:  What does a mermaid princess look like?
L:  A mermaid princess is a beautiful princess who dances (she then gracefully dances and twirls around to prove her point)
Me:  What does a mermaid princess wear?
L:  A beautiful mermaid princess dress!  (As in, "Duh mom, of course")

Our conversation continues on like this for a few more minutes, until I wise up and give her some paper and markers. 

Me:  Draw it for me?!  (Now we're getting somewhere, I think to myself, as she gets busy drawing)!

Me:  Okay.... let's think about her dress... should I sketch something out to design the dress? 
L:  Okay!
Me:  maybe she'd wear a dress something like this?!

Lainey looks at this for about 10 seconds and bursts into tears!  "You don't know what a mermaid princess looks like!" was the gist of what she said.  At this point, I made the "X" on the sketch you see above... to indicate, we will NOT make a mermaid princess costume like this!  This is INCORRECT!!!  Our costume will look NOTHING like this one!!!

Me:  May I try again?  I think I might be able to make a better mermaid princess drawing... 
L: okay! 

L:  MUCH better!!!  THAT is a mermaid princess dress.

So, here's the final product.  It's a skirt in pale turquoise satin with a sparkle tulle ruffle at the bottom, and a fuschia velour tube top with "shells" embroidered on the top.  The back of the top is shirred, and the skirt has an elasticized waist, so this should fit her for a LONG time to come! 

Now, I just have to figure out how to make a great matching trick or treat bucket with these as my inspiration, and we'll be good to go! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

After so many khaki school uniforms, it was fun to get creative and make my littles a couple of new book bags.  Jack is completely into robots, and loves playing with Alphie.  (Can you believe that Alphie is still around?!  .................Affirmative)!  We seem to be reading "Boy and Bot" by Amy Dyckman every day lately!

So, here's my first attempt at a robot "with pinchers, and a red heart," Jack duly noted.

I used a cool US Map fabric from an amazing fabric warehouse in Maple Grove, Minnesota for the lining.  And used my favorite reversible tote tutorial from Skip to My Lou. 

For Elaine's bag I used a Japanese import (Kokka I think) most likely from Superbuzzy. 

It was a panel print, and on the back of the bag is a playground scene to go with the schoolhouse.  Hopefully she won't mind the brown (read "not pink or purple") and turquoise polkadot fine-whale corduroy used for the lining.  It matched perfectly with the hints of brown and turquoise in the main print. 

Maybe a huge beach bag next?!  We'll see!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Like a Rhinestone Cowgirl!

So, I have become completely obsessed.  With making ric-rac edged placemats. 

Yeah, I'm cool that way! 

The first ones had a cowboy theme. 

But then I had to do some cowgirl ones too!

Both have coordinating little red/pink bandana hearts appliqued onto the back.  Each one is a "one of a kind" unique patchwork, and all are for sale in my shop on Amazon

(Many) more placemats soon!  (I did say I was "obsessed.") 

Skip To My Lou