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Princess Jennifer
Not so long ago, in a land far, far away (Florida), lived a fair princess named Jennifer. She worked in the Financial Services industry, and was very career-oriented. One day, the busy princess met a handsome prince named Tim; it was love at first sight (well, within a few dates!).

After marrying, they decided to start a family, and soon had two beautiful children. But there was trouble in paradise – the burp cloths and bibs they were able to find for their adorable little babies were all either too small or thin, didn’t provide coverage around the neck, were too easily pulled off, or simply weren’t cute enough.

What was a princess to do? Cry over spilt milk? Never!!!

She learned how to sew, of course, and designed a better bib and burp cloth, with all of the practical qualities parents need along with the style they want. And this is how "M is for milk" came to be. Princess Jennifer left her job in Finance, to become a full time “mom-preneur.” (And they all lived happily ever after).

M is for milk: Stylish accessories for modern babies and practical parents who love them! From our family to yours...

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