Monday, April 13, 2015

The reversible sling bag that wasn't....

I began with good intentions...!  Thought I'd try this reversible sling bag patttern from Sugar Bee Crafts.  I like her sample bag a lot, and thought it'd be fun to make one. 

What it isn't.
But then after I was 1/2 way done, I didn't like how thick the straps were on mine.  I used two layers of bull denim and a layer of quilt batting.  Too much.  So, I cut it down into a rectangular purse, and attached a narrower strap separately.

I also added an outer pocket - just sewn right into the bottom seam of the bag.  And a zippered pocket inside the purse.  And a magnetic closure.  So it's not reversible anymore.  And it's not a sling bag.

Following instructions really isn't my strong suit!  But I ended up with a fun new purse.  And it works for me.  I need the pockets.  Need them.   

What it is.
My reversible sling bag that is not reversible and not a sling bag boasts hot pink pom pom trim and the most amazing gold fabric ever.  I used up some flannel for the inside, and a little peek of Melody Miller Ruby Star for the slash pocket. 

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  1. I think the original pattern is to inspire but you can go as far as the inspiration takes you ;), nice bag.