Friday, March 13, 2015

Doll clothes for Elaine's birthday

A certain SOMEONE around here has grown to love American girl dolls.  Since she asked for a birthday party luncheon at the store with some girlfriends, I thought new doll clothes would be a perfect birthday gift. 

So I spent a couple of months whipping up some cute doll clothes.  It wasn't a surprise gift - she knew what I was doing and even picked out most of the fabrics herself.  But I worked on them at night, so she wouldn't see the end result until her actual birthday.   

On her birthday Elaine's paternal grandparents came over and we went to her school classroom for her "birthday walk."  Everyone goes around in a circle and each child in the classroom says something that they like about the birthday girl.  Then, Elaine read a book out loud to her classmates, called "Even Aliens Need Snacks," by Matthew McElligot.  Then we had "galactic pudding," for her birthday treat.  It was extra special, because Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Grand Dad, and little brother were all there to celebrate.

Then we had a special birthday dinner at home.  Elaine chose Publix sandwiches.  The next morning Elaine's friends came over and everyone piled into the limo daddy hired, to head down to Miami for lunch and shopping.  What fun!  Thanks to Lani and Rosalie for coming with and helping me to manage with all the girls!

It became kind of a clothing collection!  Lots of mix/match pieces and a few fun dresses. 

 White jean shorts with colorful tank top. 

A fancy dress with matching black shawl - just for special occasions!

A few simple dresses... this first is a Popover dress - pattern by Oliver & S

A dress with a matching jacket/shrug... (Loved this free pattern for chloe dress/jacket by Imaging Gnats). 

And some casual outfits...

These skirts are actually the bottom of some old kid's sweatpants that were worn out...  one for each of her dolls, right?!!! 
 It was so much fun making all of these clothes, and imagining my little girl playing with them!  
Elaine, I love you SO much!  Happy birthday, my darling girl.  xoxo  ~Mommy

teacher gifts

I made some potholders for the kiddo's teachers this year for holiday gifts.  (They were completed before Valentine's Day, so still count as holiday gifts, right)?!!!  Between classroom teachers, beloved extracurricular teachers, and a couple of others, I had 8 of these to make this year. 

So, I've been wanting to try making circular potholders for a while now...  and decided to make them extra crazy with lots of scraps.  Hope they like them! 

Here are a couple of "close ups!"