Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween 2012 Part ONE

Every year, I look around on the internet at the clever and adorable costumes that people make for their kids, and imaging making something amazing for mine... but then all of a sudden, Halloween is upon us and I panic, and buy something, so as to avoid completely blowing it for the littles!  Well not this year, I decided in August.  (Which is also the time I start telling myself we'll have homemade apple pie for Thanksgiving and hand made gifts for the holidays, etc....)

As might be expected, Jack wants to be a robot.  (He also wants a robot birthday party, and a robot to open for his present on his birthday, which he patiently explains on a regular basis).  So, that will be accomplished with a cardboard box and some spraypaint!!!!  Lainey however, wants to be a mermaid princess. 

Me:  What does a mermaid princess look like?
L:  A mermaid princess is a beautiful princess who dances (she then gracefully dances and twirls around to prove her point)
Me:  What does a mermaid princess wear?
L:  A beautiful mermaid princess dress!  (As in, "Duh mom, of course")

Our conversation continues on like this for a few more minutes, until I wise up and give her some paper and markers. 

Me:  Draw it for me?!  (Now we're getting somewhere, I think to myself, as she gets busy drawing)!

Me:  Okay.... let's think about her dress... should I sketch something out to design the dress? 
L:  Okay!
Me:  maybe she'd wear a dress something like this?!

Lainey looks at this for about 10 seconds and bursts into tears!  "You don't know what a mermaid princess looks like!" was the gist of what she said.  At this point, I made the "X" on the sketch you see above... to indicate, we will NOT make a mermaid princess costume like this!  This is INCORRECT!!!  Our costume will look NOTHING like this one!!!

Me:  May I try again?  I think I might be able to make a better mermaid princess drawing... 
L: okay! 

L:  MUCH better!!!  THAT is a mermaid princess dress.

So, here's the final product.  It's a skirt in pale turquoise satin with a sparkle tulle ruffle at the bottom, and a fuschia velour tube top with "shells" embroidered on the top.  The back of the top is shirred, and the skirt has an elasticized waist, so this should fit her for a LONG time to come! 

Now, I just have to figure out how to make a great matching trick or treat bucket with these as my inspiration, and we'll be good to go!