Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Lainey's teacher asked me to make some puppets for the little theater they have in the classroom.  How fun!  I cut out some fun faces from a fabric panel by the amazing Suzy Ultman!  Then I just created the bodies and arms out of some crazy scraps.

I love how they came out! 

And I really love how they're used in the classroom.  The kids are learning about grammer and punctuation and writing dialogues... so they can use the puppets to act out the dialogues that they write!  


  1. Sew very cute!!! I am also making puppet theatres right now for our grandkids and love your puppets. Did you just cut around faces that were already printed on the fabric?

  2. Love the puppets - what a great scrap project! And I can imagine there will be some fabulous stories as a result! Thank you for linking up to Scraptastic Tuesday