Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trash to Treasure

So this ugly thing has been living in the back of my car for a long time.  It has never been used!  I don't like it much, but couldn't quite bring myself to throw it out... it's a dark burgandy colored down throw.  Nothing bad or offensive about it, but I can't say I "like" it either...  So I threw it into the back of the car, and ignored it.  For a long time.  


And now I've FINALLY figured out what to do with it!  Use it as quilt batting to make a beach/picnic blanket. 

I'm so excited!  We could really use one of those!  And the down batting will make it a little extra cushy. 

So hopefully I haven't put my foot in my mouth... because surely I didn't buy this!  It must have been a gift from someone... hopefully a forgiving someone who loves me and has a sense of humor!  Who gave me a lovely 40" x 60" bit of inspiration! 

OK, this is my version of a "cliffhanger!"  Check back in a few days to see the transformation! 

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