Monday, April 21, 2014

March 2014:  just finished and sent off my 3rd quilt ever to a friend for Xmas 2013!  Began this one in June 2013 and only a few months late.  Luckily it's still cold in Minne, so it'll be put to good use! 

It's an improv style quilt where no two blocks are alike, with a row of flying geese on one side.  I've been wanting to try doing some triangles and this was a perfect chance.  There are lots of quirky black/white and gray/white prints in here.  Plus I included a few custom printed fabrics with an airplane drawing that Jack made, some scientific diagrams, and a quote from a favorite book.  

I used a quilt as you go method that I learned about here.
It was great because I was able to keep the blocks small and piece/quilt them individually, before finalizing their placement and sewing them together.  Then I just stitched in the ditch in various spots around the quilt to attach the backing - which is a charcoal gray polar fleece.  Super soft! 

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