Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another rag rug

Long time no talk, right?!  Well, first, look at these gorgeous flowers!!!  They sit on the dining room table and smell so good, and make me smile every time I walk by. 

I've been crocheting again... making a new kitchen rug.  Tried to use up all of the fabric that's was purchased with best intentions but just didn't quite work out.  (Read: make room in stash closet for some of the new fabrics I've fallen in love with)!

So, hopefully you won't think that some crazy crocheting clown has taken over around here, because I warn you, it is a LITTLE bit colorful. 

It's broad stripes, of multiple fabrics cut in 2" strips of "yarn," starting with turquoise, green, brown, yellow, purple, white, red, and brown again.  I crocheted along a thick off-white yarn with the fabric as well, for some texture. 

 It's a little crazy, but fits right in with the rest of my kitchen/children's art gallery!

The wacko decor of this whole room makes me feel as happy as the flowers do!

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