Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thank you Alicia Paulson

Find Alicia's book here.

I never would have made a quilt if it weren't for Alicia Paulson.  There are lots of great projects in her wonderful book, "Stitched In Time," but the one that caught my eye was the baby quilt.  I think what really got my attention was that she made it seem simple, and unintimidating.  Completely within reach, even for someone new to sewing and quilting. 

Thank you Alicia Paulson!  I'm so happy that my little girl gets to snuggle up and sleep with a handmade quilt from her mommy, made from some of her most-loved baby and toddler clothes!  And I get a little trip down memory lane, without digging into garbage bags of old clothes hidden up in the attic! 

It was a lot of work, cutting up the clothes, cutting the squares, stabilizing the knit fabric squares, fusing and top-stitching the small squares (from fabrics that weren't big enough to yield 6.5" squares) onto the larger ones, piecing it all together, quilting, binding... but it was so worth the effort. 

This was made slowly, over a few months time.  There were a few interruptions - other projects to make, little ones to care for, boo-boos to heal, a business to run, birthday parties to plan... you know the drill! 

More than once I made a detour to the baby album, just to remember what she looked like when she wore the little pink and green turtles print, the newborn romper with smocking, or the shirt with the little cupcake applique. 

It's really a kind of functional scrapbook.  Full of memories and love.

Lainey and I went to the fabric store together to choose the backing fabric, a hot-pink super-soft minky.  I love how the whole quilt is light as a feather, and whisper-soft, more like a light blanket than a heavy, stiff quilt.  Perfect for a little girl!

A little pocket for her treasures!

I hope that she grows up knowing how special she is, and how much her momma loves her!

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