Friday, September 30, 2011

A quilt for Jack

Yay!  I finally finished Jack's quilt!  It is just like Lainey's, made with patchwork squares cut from his baby clothes, with a minky backing to keep it soft and light.


It was so much fun to go through the giant piles of tiny little baby clothes and decide what to cut up for his quilt.  And I used lots of little extras, like buttons, pockets, and patches too. 

A little onesie from Aunt Ann, who is known for finding gifts with people's names on them!

A patch from his first pair of "COOL" jeans, and the little crab from the outfit he wore in his birth announcements!

Little pockets for any treasures he collects...

A little bit of hand embroidery (not my specialty)!  I hope Jack knows how loved he is, every time he cuddles up with his new quilt and drifts off to sleep. 

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